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Capturing diversity by researching intersectionally. Areas of tension in educational research

Capturing diversity by researching intersectionally. Areas of tension in educational research

Symposium at Hildesheim University Foundation on 10 November 2017

The conference addresses the tension between diversity and an intersectional approach in educational research. The participants discuss the current situation, the results of current studies, the theoretical perspectives of intersectional research, and how to improve the interchange of ideas.

Diversity is fragile and contingent, floating around in a theoretical, conceptional and educational field of tension that is creating new aspirations while abandoning others. Diversity is still popular but different agendas and social developments are wearing off the potential of the concept before sufficiently elaborating it and putting it into action. This way, diversity is about to become an arbitrary buzzword.

By including a gender-specific approach, the intersectional perspective focuses on difference markers and possible intersections. An additional reference point is constituted by a discourse on the inclusion of disabled people being detached from the physical handicap and opening up to individual, historic, social, socio-historical and culturally shaped constellations.

Firstly, the conference aims to unfold and shape the theoretical discourse. Secondly, it reflects on new empirical results, based on which it, thirdly, interprets empirical approaches and sums up central domains of knowledge for the formation of theories as well as areas of activity. Currently emphasised and neglected developments of diversity are discussed to discover their potential for building theories and gaining empirical data within an intersectional approach of educational research.

A central problem informs the discussion at the conference: How can empirical approaches on the one hand and heterogeneous, centrifugally or parallel trending conceptional discourses of diversity, intersectionality and inclusion on the other hand be brought closer together?

Current developments in educational research are equally taken into account. What perspectives are disclosed by intersectional approaches e.g. on the human body, health, sexualised violence, anti-Semitism, racism, migration, and displacement? What aspects are highlighted?

The submitted abstracts should adhere to the following focal points and fields of interest of our educational research. The research questions have to be addressed both theoretically and empirically:

  1. The historic development of interpretations of diversity from an (inter)national perspective

  2. The identification of paradoxes (such as the ambivalent notion of performance or the relation between inclusion and exclusion)

  3. Constructing and deconstructing concepts

  4. Empirical approaches

  5. Areas of activity

Please submit the abstract (30-minute lecture/15-minute discussion) with a maximum of 800 characters (including spaces) by 28 February 2017 via e-mail to kekuellu@uni-hildesheim.de.

The symposium is brought to you by the Educational Integration Centre (ZBI), the Centre for Teacher Training and Educational Research (“Centrum für Lehrerbildung und Bildungsforschung”, CeLeB), the Institute of General Educational Science, and the Centre for Gender Studies at the University of Hildesheim, as well as the Institute of Adult Education and Vocational Education, diversity management, the Equal Opportunities Office, and the working group diversitAS at Leibniz University Hanover. The publication of a conference transcript is planned.

    • Prof. Dr. Viola Georgi

    • Prof. Dr. Meike Baader

    • Prof. Dr. Katrin Hauenschild

    • Prof. Dr. Steffi Robak

    • Prof. Dr. Kathrin Audehm

    • Dr. Isabel Sievers

    • Filiz Keküllüoğlu, M.A.

    • Florian Grawan, M.A.

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