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Recent  events the ZBI has organised:

Symposium: Capturing diversity by researching intersectionally. Areas of tension in educational research.

The conference addresses the tension between diversity and an intersectional approach in educational research. The participants discuss the current situation, the results of current studies, the theoretical perspectives of intersectional research, and how to improve the exchange of ideas.

The Multilingualism & Diversity Lectures 2017

The ring lecture will focus on the topics Multilingualism and Diversity in language acquisition and education and ties in with the project “Shaping Change – language promotion and language training” as an integral part of innovative teacher training in Lower Saxony….

5. Diversity Day 2017

In its new edition, Diversity Day looks into gender and sexual orientation. The most recently published results of the study “Attitudes towards lesbian, gay, and bisexual people” (2017), conducted by the Federal Anti-Discrimination Agency (“Antidiskriminierungsstelle des Bundes”, ADS), are presented. Afterwards, Prof. Dr. Martin Lücke (Freie Universität Berlin) discusses gender equality and LGBTI from a historic point of view. The student initiative hi_queer concludes the Diversity Day with a thematic film screening.

Conference 2017: Educational participation on behalf of diversity: Discourses, empirical approaches, and areas of activity

Fast-paced social pluralisation processes, caused by globalisation and migration, are leading to a greater interest in diversity as a research topic. The discourse of diversity evolves around the question of how to deal with social diversity politically, legally, economically, and educationally in a suitable manner. Diversity is considered as socially constructed. Social differences are created and reproduced by practices of “doing difference”. The analysis of social differences and discrimination has to include a critique of power. Discrimination mechanisms work in a context of normative notions, representation policies, and structural inequality. The conference aims to contribute to finding a way to promote diversity for more educational participation by introducing to current discourses of educational (in)equality in ethnically diverse societies and by discussing different empirical approaches of new studies.

Summer School: Multilingualism and Diversity Education

Due to their relevance for contemporary developments in our society, the topics multilingualism and diversity are of great research importance in both higher education and daily interaction. This conference workshop aims to present, discuss, and look further into the latest international research about these topics. The Summer School: Multilingualism and Diversity Education invites international speakers to enter into a dialogue with students, graduate students, and researchers.

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