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Executive Committee

Professor Dr. Viola B. Georgi

director of ZBI

Professorship for Diversity and Education

  • short CV

    Prof. Dr. Viola B. Georgi is a professor of diversity education at Hildesheim University Foundation and founding director of the Center for Educational Integration – Diversity and Democracy in Immigrant Societies. Between 2006 and 2012, she was a junior professor of intercultural educational science at Free University Berlin. In 2010, she held a guest professorship at the York University in Toronto, Canada. Before this, she worked as a research assistant at the Department of Social Studies at the Goethe University Frankfurt and at the Ludwig Maximilians University Munich’s Center for Applied Policy Research (CAP). She studied teaching, educational science, and sociology at the Goethe University Frankfurt, the University of Bristol (England), and the Harvard University (USA). Her work and research focusses include diversity education, intercultural education and professionalisation, diversity in educational media, Holocaust education and the pluralisation of conceptions of history, democracy education and citizenship education.

  • contact

    E-Mail: georgiv@uni-hildesheim.de Tel.: +49 5121 883 10106 Fax: +49 5121 883 10107

Professor Dr. Johannes Ismaiel-Wendt

Professorship for Musicology / Sociology of Music

  • short CV

    Johannes Ismaiel-Wendt, born in 1973, studied musicology at the University of Bremen. He obtained his doctorate under Prof. Dr. Sabine Bröck (University of Bremen, direct supervisor) and Prof. Dr. Alexander Weheliye (Northwestern University, Chicago) with his thesis ”Tracks’n’treks. Post-colonial music and post-colonial analysis“ (Münster: Unrast 2011). He writes and teaches on the aesthetics of electronic dance music and Black Atlantic routes. Johannes Ismaiel-Wendt is a state-approved educator, has worked for numerous cultural education projects, and taught percussion ensembles and other groups. In his sound lectures, he combines his activities as an academic and live drum machinist. From 6/2010 to 4/2012, he worked at the House of World Cultures (HKW) in Berlin as a scientific advisor, and as a research assistant for the projects “Translating Hip Hop” and “Global Prayers”. His research focuses on music and/as the genesis of knowledge.

  • contact

    E-Mail: ismaielw@uni-hildesheim.de Tel.: +49 5121 883 20904

Professor Dr. Elke Montanari

Executive committee member at the Institute of German Language and Literature

Professorship for German as a Second Language

  • short CV

    Elke Montanari has been a professor of German as a second language/multilingualism at the Hildesheim University Foundation since 2012. Her research focuses on the areas of multilingual language acquisition of German in childhood and adulthood, multilingual vocabulary acquisition, as well as gender and authenticity.

  • contact

    E-Mail: elke.montanari@uni-hildesheim.de Tel.: +49 5121 883 30108

Professor Dr. Hannes Schammann

Professorship for Migration Policy

  • short CV

    Hannes Schammann is a junior professor at the University of Hildesheim. Previously, he worked in the field of migration and integration policy on a practical level for several years: as a project manager for migration and integration at the Robert Bosch Foundation (RBS), as an advisor on the principle issues of integration at the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF), and as a coordinator for integration projects at the Federal Association of Protestant Youth Social Work (BAGEJSA). He designed and supervised many projects centred on migration and integration. They focused on the topic areas “refuge and asylum”, “Islam in Germany”, “migration and the labour market”, and “a culture of welcome and interculturality”. His research focuses on an institution-centred approach of examining issues of migration and refugee policy in Germany. Hannes Schammann completed his doctorate at the University of Passau with an interdisciplinary thesis on ethno-marketing and integration. He studied “language, cultural and business studies” at the Universities of Passau (Germany) and Conceptión (Chile).

  • contact

    E-Mail: hannes.schammann@uni-hildesheim.de Tel.: +49 5121 883 10712

Professor Dr. Janna Teltemann

Professorship for Educational Sociology

  • short CV

    Prof. Dr. Janna Teltemann is a junior professor at Hildesheim University Foundation. Until 2015, she was a research assistant at the Institute of Empirical and Applied Sociology (EMPAS) and the collaborative research centre 597 “Statehood in Transition” at the University of Bremen. She studied sociology with a focus on urban sociology at the University of Bremen where she did her PhD from 2007 to 2012 on the influence of education systems, welfare regimes, and integration policy on immigrants’ school achievements. Additionally to research visits to the University of Amsterdam and the WZB Berlin Social Science Center, she worked as an external advisor for the OECD project “Migrant Education Review”. Her research focuses include educational inequality, the changes within educational policy and comparing education systems, the integration of migrants, and quantitative methods.

  • contact

    E-Mail: telteman@uni-hildesheim.de Tel.: +49 5121 883 10722

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