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Focal Points

Diversity Monitoring

The ZBI accompanies the introduction and expansion of comprehensive assistance and advisory services, taking our students’ diversity into account. In order to support our students in an inclusion-oriented and diversity-conscious manner, the ZBI carries out diversity monitoring within the Hildesheim University Foundation on a regular basis.



Areas we work on within the focal point “multilingualism” include the analysis of multilingual children’s language skills, research topics concerning multilingualism and the integration of refugees into university structures. Get an overview of current projects on multilingualism at Hildesheim University.



Intercultural school-, teaching- and educational media research

In the course of this focal point, the ZBI takes a close look at the intercultural opening of schools in theory and practice. We also concentrate on analysing the portrayal and representation of social diversity in educational media.


Transcultural Music Education

The intendedly vaguely formulated focal point “transcultural music education” offers a platform for scientists from various academic fields. They identify the specific potential of social inclusion and even exclusion in the context of music.

Educational participation of Sinti and Roma

The main focus of the ZBI is antiziganism in society, especially in the educational system. Currently, antiziganism is considered a structure of discrimination that, in different ways, has a negative effect on educational opportunities.


Educational participation of refugees

In this focal point, we address the questions of how educational participation is realised by people who have experienced displacement and how it can be realised in the future. We examine specific offers of support, for example regarding language acquisition. We also analyse the basic political and social conditions. The focal point’s activities are placed at the intersection of research, teaching and practice. It also represents a close cooperation between the university and locals from Hildesheim and Lower Saxony who work with refugees.




Sport – participation – perspectives

The focal point “sport – participation – perspectives” addresses this dynamic of sport between inclusion and exclusion. A critical, constructive, empirically orientated and theoretically well-grounded discussion has to take place which considers both inclusion and exclusion processes. Exercise and recreational activities open up opportunities but also have limits. A scientific reflection on them has to take categories like alienation and social belonging into account but also the educational potential of sport.

Diversity and cultural education

Cultural education has become a complex working field with heterogeneous parties, aspects, and practices. In politics and educational science, great potential is automatically attributed to cultural education and hopes are being set in its ability to diminish the injustice of the educational system and contribute to social integration. Various discourses seem to legitimate such high expectations.


Stiftung Universität Hildesheim


Stiftung Universität Hildesheim
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Diversity und Demokratie in Migrationsgesellschaften

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