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Research projects

Textbook Study Migration and Integration

The research project was commissioned by the Federal Commissioner for Migration and Refugees and carried out in cooperation with Georg Eckert Institute – Leibniz Institute for International Textbook Research. It examines how the subject integration is currently handled in educational media. Integration has almost never been the explicit topic of studies on textbooks.

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Integration, Diversity, Inclusion

Viola B. Georgi (2015). Integration, Diversity, Inklusion. Anmerkungen zu aktuellen Debatten in der deutschen Migrationsgesellschaft. (“Integration, diversity, inclusion. Commenting current debates in the ethnically diverse German society”)

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German-Israeli exchange project: “German Israeli Young Researchers’ Exchange on Diversity”

The exchange project between the University of Haifa and the Foundation University Hildesheim brings cohabitation in plural societies into focus. It is addressed to young researchers who are currently working on their Master’s or their PhD thesis while doing empirical research on diversity.

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Diversity Monitoring: Diversity made visible. Study in a diverse environment.

Cover letter of University President Prof. Dr. Wolfgang-Uwe Friedrich accompanying the questionnaire on diversity

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Everyone for themselves? Refugee policy in federalism

Every time the number of applications for asylum increases, refugee policy causes conflicts between political levels. When the municipalities feel overburdened by the need to accommodate the refugees they call for financial support by the Federal Government and the federal states. The Federal Government on the other hand holds the states responsible for fulfilling their statutory tasks more efficiently. It criticises, for example, an inconsistent enforcement of negative asylum decision making. It seems that the responsibility for refugee policy is flipping back and forth which can lead to confusion easily. Who is responsible for what? How does refugee policy in federalism work? And who is avoiding responsibility? In my contribution, I address these questions. After outlining the division of responsibility between the European Union, the Federal Government, the federal states, and the municipalities, I will give some examples of the incoherency of German refugee policy. In my conclusion, I will discuss deficits and solutions by highlighting two functions of federalism.

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Stiftung Universität Hildesheim


Stiftung Universität Hildesheim
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Diversity und Demokratie in Migrationsgesellschaften

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