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Round table discussion about the educational participation of refugees

The round table is a project which is coordinated by the “Educational Integration Centre – Diversity and democracy in ethnically diverse societies” and supported by the DAAD’s Welcome Programme (students helping refugees).

The Hildesheim University Foundation is committed to enabling the educational participation of refugees. Many of the foundation’s projects are working on this goal in different areas, by offering support, for instance language acquisition courses, and by enabling the participation in sports and cultural activities. The foundation aims to reinvigorate the political and social framework. Some projects are designed to sensitise and inform the people involved in the academic field. People need to be prepared if projects like this are to succeed.

The round table constitutes a communication-, networking-, cooperation-, and information platform for the wide-ranging, interdisciplinary projects of the foundation. It is an instrument to think further ahead, create new projects, gain new perspectives, and implement structures of support. One of its main goals is to create synergies between all the academic parties and projects. But the round table also creates an intersection between research, teaching, and non-academic practice.

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    Nadine Golly

    Coordinator of the round table discussion about the educational participation of refugees

    E-Mail: golly@uni-hildesheim.de

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